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Our practice is currently open. We are taking the following precautions to ensure the safely of all patients:

  1. Using ultraviolet light and ozone-based filtration in the waiting room for safety
  2. Continuing to sanitize tables and treatment rooms between each patient
  3. Seeing patients by appointment only

Normally, walk-ins are welcome, however we have moved to a by-appointment-only system to ensure patient distancing. Please find out available hours below:

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday - 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM and 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM

To schedule an appointment, please call (619) 585-3611 or complete a Consultation request.

Langford Chiropractic, APC


His treatments helped my breathing, energy level, posture, and so much more... 

February 12, 2020

I am a stage four cancer survivor, and after several intrusive surgeries and months of chemo and radiation, my body was weak, stiff, and full of scar tissue. Dr. Langford used his incredible knowledge, skill, and compassion to restore strength, mobility, and wellness to my body. He reset my jaw which had been out of place for two years since the surgeries. His treatments helped my breathing, energy level, posture, and so much more. I'm extremely grateful for his time and his incredible wisdom on the subject of wholeness and health. I highly recommend Dr. Langford, he will get the job done!

Jason David, Pastor

October 27, 2019

My name is Adriana Duron, I am 58 years old. In the fall of 2014 I suffered the rupture of a cavernous angioma in the thorax T10. It resulted damaged paralysis from the waist down. The medical diagnosis was inability to walk again. I received physical therapy non-stop, but the excruciating pain and stiffness on my legs prevented me to advance in my goal, to be able to walk again. I was a very active person prior to the injury, I exercised 6 times a week, walk for an hour daily, ride my bicycle, and my favorite exercise has always been swimming; in addition my part time job and homemaker.

I reached out to various doctors seeking some relief from my acute pain. The results of many MRI's XRAY's CT SCAN did not show any abnormalities other than normal age ware. The pain management Doctor prescribed pain medication and cortisone injections. The Urologist treated my re-occurring UTI's and bladder spams. I had pain that would override my capacity to have a quality of life. During the day I couldn't find my place and at night I couldn't sleep. Being in a wheel chair for almost 5 years didn't solve my situation.

In July 2019 I came to Dr. Langford for a consultation, he told me that I could walk again, that gave me hole! I thank God for finding the right Doctor for me. He gave me a thorough examination and I explained my desperate situation and the amount of pain that I was not able to bear any more. Dr. Langford prescribed 12 sessions two times a week treatments.

Dr. Langford started adjusting my back, which was out of alignment; my neck very stiff and my hips were out of alignment as well. My wrist were open due to me pushing into them in order to gain strength in my arms to obtain support since my legs couldn't hold me up, I continued to test myself by standing and trying my hardest to walk. I started feeling better. The pain was caused by vertebrae being pressed, the bladder pain and recurring infections that to was going away. Every time I receive the treatment my body felt better. I began to walk with a walker; the pain is more like a sore from being in a sitting position for almost 5 year. Dr. Langford's treatments have been excellent and I continue maintenance sessions. I know I'm in good hands with Dr. Langford's expertise, knowledge and dedications he has for his patients. The treatments have excellent results.

Very grateful.
Adriana Duron

Adriana's x-rays

Before Treatment 

Pelvic distortion severe scoliosis

After Treatment

After Treatment

After Treatment

Pelvic torsion gone

Before Treatment

Hyperlordotic curve
Special note: sacrum is jamming into the body/disc of L5

After Treatment

Special note: no jamming of L5-sacral

After Treatment

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