Maximizing the Effects of Your Chiropractic Care with the Thompson Technique 

Chiropractor Dr. Stanmore G. Langford III uses the Thompson technique to more fully realign patients’ spine at his Chula Vista, CA, practice. By supplementing adjustments with the weight of gravity over a specially constructed table, he can more efficiently shift joints in the spine back into their proper position. Proper spine alignment can improve your comfort, range of motion, and quality of life.

What is the Thompson Technique?

Also known as the drop table method, the Thompson technique uses a specially designed table to support adjustments of misalignments. Developed in the 1950s by Dr. Clay Thompson, the technique works with patients lying facedown on the table as as a way of maximizing the effects of care by working with the natural slope of the back and spine. This approach is particularly suited to treating joints in the lower torso, from the dorsal and lumbar regions of the spine to the pelvic area.

The table itself is divided into several segments called “drop pieces”, each of which can be independently raised or lowered. Depending on the patient’s weight and height, the drop pieces are adjusted into particular positions before beginning treatment. By gently dropping certain segments, Dr. Langford can open joints and correct subluxations with minimal force.  

Photo of patient undergoing chiropractor care
Proper spine alignment can improve your comfort, range of motion, and quality of life.

How Does It Differ from Other Chiropractic Methods?

Dr. Langford’s main techniques can be divided into three general categories: non-forcesemi-force, and force technique. Thompson or drop table are a semi-force technique. In terms of intensity, the drop table method falls about midway between the other two. But it stands out as the only technique that does not rely on manual manipulation alone.

In some cases, the drop table may also help Dr. Langford more easily identify problem areas. In particular, if a patient’s legs are of uneven lengths, it can oftentimes exert additional pressure on the spine and hip. With the table, it is often easier to determine if this is contributing to unexplained pain.

What Benefits can the Thompson Technique Offer?

Chiropractic treatment as a whole can offer patients a wealth of physical benefits, including:

  • Improved flexibility
  • Increased strength
  • Better posture
  • Increased relaxation
  • More regular sleep patterns
  • Pain relief

The Thompson technique in particular serves as a happy middle of chiropractic care. 

What Should I Expect During Treatment?

Once the drop table’s segments have been adjusted to your unique height and weight, Dr. Langford will ask you to lie face down on the table. He will quickly measure the length of each leg to determine if there is a noticeable difference between the two. Depending on the results, he may be able to further pinpoint problem areas.

As a practitioner of the drop table technique, Dr. Langford can offer patients last relief from lingering back pain. 

After measuring your legs, the doctor will proceed to adjust the heights of the drop pieces in the table to correct misalignments. Rather than manipulating joints with the hand directly, he will apply force to the individual drop pieces. Supplemented by the force of gravity, the lowering segments will facilitate the opening and realignment of your joints. In most cases, patients will feel relief immediately. However, depending on the nature of your pain, the full effects may take a few days to become noticeable.

Eliminate Back Pain

As a practitioner of the drop table technique, Dr. Langford can offer patients last relief from lingering back pain and other forms of discomfort. Contact our team online to set up an appointment and discuss whether the treatment is right for you. 

Dr. Langford

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For over 30 years, Dr. Stanmore G. Langford III has treated chiropractic patients in the South San Diego area. He speaks both English and Spanish, and his professional licenses include:

  • Diplomat – National Board of Chiropractic
  • State of Arizona Chiropractic Physician’s License
  • California State Board of Chiropractic Examiners

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