Boost the Effects of Chiropractic Care with Safe, Proven Cold Laser Therapy

Laser energy has been harnessed to improve medical treatment for decades. While many patients may have heard of cold laser therapy, they may not always know how it can benefit them. Dr. Stanmore G. Langford III uses the Erchonia® cold laser to supplement chiropractic treatment and ease discomfort at his office in Chula Vista, CA. Gentle on the body, this therapy can stimulate tissue and encourage natural rejuvenation.

What is Cold Laser Therapy?

In the last few decades, lasers have become commonplace in many medical facilities. In general, these tools are used to promote wound healing in all kinds of tissue. Most patients are familiar with hot lasers used for this purpose. Procedures such as LASIK have replaced scalpels with lasers as surgical tools, allowing doctors to remove tissue with immense precision and minimal recovery time.

In contrast, cold lasers are usually used for more therapeutic purposes. Since the light energy they release is not focused as heat, they are much gentler on the body and can help with pain relief and tissue rejuvenation. Chiropractic treatment in particular focuses heavily on relieving pain tied to nerve compression or damage. Because of laser therapy’s stimulating and rejuvenating effects, it is especially suited to relieving nerve pain.

Photo of a patient receiving cold laser therapy
Laser energy can stimulate soft tissues, treating damage and encouraging natural regeneration.

What Conditions Can Cold Laser Therapy Ease?

There are a wide variety of potential applications for this treatment. Dr. Langford uses the Erchonia cold laser most often in conjunction with the bulb technique to reduce breathing problems and increase tissue healing. In some cases, the therapy can even speed up healing by up to 68 percent. Erchonia company holds 13 out of the 15 patents on cold lasers. The doctor can also use the cold laser to minimize pain throughout the body. Among the conditions he most often treats are arthritis pain, back pain, carpal tunnel, knee pain, neck pain, and tendonitis.

What are the Pros and Cons of Cold Laser Therapy?

This treatment offers a number of advantages, including:

  • Non-invasive procedures: This treatment requires no invasive surgery. The laser can pass through the skin to the desired area with no open incisions.
  • No demonstrated side effects: In the decades since cold laser therapy’s introduction into the chiropractic field, no studies have demonstrated any long-term side effects on patients.
  • No noise: Like all lasers, cold laser therapy is completely silent. Patients who are anxious or uncomfortable with instruments that cause noise during treatment can rest easier during their appointment.

Cold lasers are an effective supplement to many therapeutic techniques in chiropractic care.

Patients should be aware that because the lasers emit very low energy, some may require multiple treatments for full relief, depending on their condition. The service is also not always covered by insurance. However, in the long-term, any disadvantages associated with cold laser therapy are usually outweighed by the treatment’s overall effectiveness.

Take Advantage of Cold Laser Therapy

Dr. Langford is dedicated to providing the comprehensive care with the most effective technologies available. Cold lasers are an effective supplement to many therapeutic techniques in chiropractic care. Contact our office online today to set up an appointment with Dr. Langford and learn whether it can benefit your treatment. 

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