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Relief for Neck Pain and Back Pain

Neck and back pain can become truly debilitating to your everyday life and require significant chiropractic care. 

A skilled licensed chiropractor like Dr. Stanmore G. Langford can help alleviate your pain and recover your physical health. 

At Langford Chiropractic, we utilize advanced techniques and technology to provide optimal care to Chula Vista, CA.

You Could Be in Serious Danger


Sudden neck pain can, in some cases, be a symptom of a heart attack. Your neck pain could actually be alerting you to the fact that your life is in jeopardy. You should call 911 if you are experiencing neck pain alongside heart attack symptoms such as sweating, nausea, shortness of breath, vomiting, and sudden pain elsewhere in your body. 

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Many cases of neck pain and back pain resolve on their own within a few days. However, lingering numbness, spasms, tingling, and pain can be signs of serious injury.

When it comes to your physical health, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Call or write to us to request a consultation with a chiropractor who truly cares.

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Chula Vista Leaves Rave Reviews For Our Chiropractic Care


Jessica Owthwaite


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Dr Langford’s and his staff are welcoming and attentive. Dr Langford is a Merlin the Magician of the body! I have been to him for three visits and so far he has: fixed my balance !!! My posture improved, handwriting has improved, my whole demeanor has become more solid and grounded as the mind body connects. I am only three sessions in. This is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. So thank you, I am so grateful. Who knows, visiting Dr Langford could be a life changing experience for you, too.

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Benny Borjon


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Amazing Chiropractor! I've been going to him on and off for several years now. He has fixed my nose and several sports related/auto injuries. Dr. Langford always explains everything in detail and is always happy to answer any questions you may have. Staff is very friendly and office is clean. I have been to several different Chiropractors but none can deliver the results Dr Langford can. A very honest and upfront doctor who cares and is passionate about his profession.

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Choose a Chiropractor You Can Trust

Chula Vista has been coming to Dr. Langford for chiropractic treatment since 1986. These are two major reasons so many patients pick him to help fight their neck pain and back pain:
Doctor showing model of human spine to patient

Diversified Treatment

Dr. Langford treats each and every patient in a personalized manner. He understands that chiropractic relief is not one-size-fits-all. He diagnoses patients by evaluating their chiropractic, orthopedic, neurological, and postural health. His holistic approach allows him to treat a spectrum of neck pain and back pains. He helps patients after car wrecks, sports injuries, work accidents, falls, and the discovery of conditions like scoliosis. 

Fighters mid-takedown during MMA fight

Elite Athlete Experience

Dr. Langford's stellar chiropractic care has earned him the trust and loyalty of some of the best athletes on earth. He has been contracted by UFC icon Ken Shamrock's Lion's Den Submission Academy to enhance his athletes' health. Several other renowned gyms retain Dr. Langford as a chiropractor, and he has cared for other renowned professional fighters like Liz Carmouche, Manolo Hernandez, and Kevin Dunsmoor. 

Patient receiving electrical muscle stimulation

Cutting-Edge Care

Dr. Langford utilizes several advanced techniques and technologies in his physical therapy department. His most popular treatments include diathermy, electrical muscle stimulation,  intersegmental traction, neuromuscular therapy, and the FDA-approved Erchonia® soft laser. Dr. Langford constantly seeks out new ways to treat patients. Newer physical therapies he has adopted include Steps to Total Health and BEST technique, which treat internal health and emotional stress in addition to physical pain.

More Grateful Chula Vista Locals


Art Pacheco


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Dr. Langford is awesome!!! Very knowledgeable and is a great. I was in extreme pain when I walked into his office and walked out feeling great!

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Jo Mar


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So far we are still being treated and it is going great. Dr Langford keeps in contact with us to ensure we are feeling better. We are still being treated and will update again once were done.

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Dr. Langford Habla Español

Almost half of all Chula Vista locals speak Spanish, and so does Dr. Langford. Being bilingual allows him to better serve the entire Chula Vista community. If you or a Spanish-speaking loved one requires chiropractic pain relief, you can take comfort knowing Dr. Langford has the expertise and communication skills to treat all chiropractic needs. 

Does Chiropractic Care Really Work?

Dr. Langford performing an adjustment on a patient

Studies Say Yes

Harvard medical school estimates that 85% of people suffer from back pain that requires medical attention at least once in their life. People who are in pain deserve treatment that works. A 2018 study compared the effectiveness of traditional medical care for back pain versus traditional care paired with chiropractic treatment. The researchers found that the group who received chiropractic care reported less pain, better physical function, higher satisfaction, and the requirement of less pain medication.

So Do Our Successes

Dr. Langford and his team have achieved many incredible successes for patients in the Chula Vista area. In one notable case, Dr. Langford successfully treated a five-year-old who went on to refer to our doctor as his hero. Another pride point for Dr. Langford is his treatment of Adriana Duron. In her 50s, Mrs. Duron suffered paralysis from the waist down and was told she'd never walk again. With Mr. Langford's treatment she is now using a walker and continuously improving both physically and emotionally. 

Herniated Discs Can Be Hidden and Harmful

Herniated discs can be extremely painful. Since they typically don't occur until early adulthood to middle age, many people are caught off-guard by sudden physical problems they never encountered in their youth. Herniated discs can be caused by a single severe injury or by the natural degeneration of disc material. Some people are more susceptible and can even have several slipped discs throughout their spine. 

Herniated discs can be very hard to identify on your own because symptoms can range from severe numbing and weakness to no pain at all. Dr. Langford can use his vertebra and spine expertise to identify if you do have a herniated disc. It is important to find out now because this issue can lead to even more complications down the road, such as sciatica, lumbar spine pain, and cervical spine issues. 

Spinal Cord Injuries Require Serious Help

It is estimated that upwards of 250,000 Americans are living with spinal cord injuries. The primary cause is physical trauma to vertebra in the spine. Serious spine and vertebra harm most often occurs during auto accidents. However, for the over-65 population, the primary driver of spine damage is falls. 

Regardless of the cause, any spine issue can lead to neck pain, back pain, or even total paralysis. Dr. Langford has decades of experience treating spine and vertebra problems and can evaluate your trauma. Depending on the severity, he can treat you himself or refer you to a trusted doctor if you require treatment beyond chiropractic care. 

Man grabbing at lower back while driving
Dr. Langford

Langford Chiropractic

For over 30 years, Dr. Stanmore G. Langford III has treated chiropractic patients in the South San Diego area. He speaks both English and Spanish, and his professional licenses include:

  • Diplomat – National Board of Chiropractic
  • State of Arizona Chiropractic Physician’s License
  • California State Board of Chiropractic Examiners

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