Benny “Showtime” Borjon

“My initial complaint was my left shoulder, left side of my neck, hip, and left elbow. I was in pain for a few weeks due to an automobile accident in which I was rear ended. I had never received any previous treatment for this condition. After coming to Dr. Langford’s office I can do everything I used to do! I came in injured and left even better than before my accident. I am very impressed with everything Dr. Langford has done and continues to do for me. Every time I come here for an adjustment, I always learn something new. It is well worth the time and I highly recommend him to everyone.”

Aide Cordero

"I had severe sciatica and lower back pain constantly for almost 4 years. I went to numerous visits with my primary physician who said this problem would last my whole life. She taught me stretches that would help me get out of bed because it took me over an hour sometimes. Since coming to Dr. Langford’s, I can now walk and move pain free.  The pain is less frequent, I have better sleep, and it now only takes minutes to get out of bed. Overall, my chiropractic care was excellent!"

 ​Carlos Lopez

"I want to thank you, Dr. Langford, for all the help and support that Carlos has received in your clinic. He has improved in various aspects. He is calmer, more concentrated, he sleeps better, he can maintain a better position and posture, and even his dentist has noticed a difference since starting his treatment program with you. I have also noticed that his stability is much better. His quality of life has changed in many aspects as well. In addition, your staff is very friendly! We are very grateful! Thank you so much!"

Manolo “Hurricane” Hernandez

Manolo "Hurricane" Hernandez Instructor S.D. Combat Academy, former MMAX Champion

Robert Silkey

I met Dr. Langford several months back before I used his amazing chiropractic skills. First over lunch one day he asked me how long I had my deviated septum, and if I would be interested in fixing it without surgery with a technique he called the Bolb sinus specific technique or craniofacial release technique. We agreed to get together and give it a try and the results have been unbelievable. My wife has told me that my snoring is much better and my ability to breath is dramatically better, truly a miracle. Also I have had a really bad shoulder for the past 4 years, Dr. Langford informed me that one of my ribs was out and that he could fix it with an adjustment technique he had including some easy to do home physical therapy. It has been three weeks since he started on my shoulder and it again is unbelievable how much better my shoulder feels. I also had an ACL surgery on my knee when I was 28, as I am 58 now. I have a knee that hurts everyday and I have been putting off having a knee implant. Again Dr. Langford suggested he could help my knee, but said it was really bad, but he could get it a level or two better. Again amazing, he adjusted my knee about 10 days ago, and wow my knee is feeling better, and I am heading back in today to have him look at my shoulder and my knee, I am very hopeful that both are getting much better, thank you Dr. Langford!!!

Kevin Dunsmoor

"I’ve been a fighter for 4 years now and one of my friends introduced me to Dr. Langford, and what a great Idea that was, I mean the stuff that this guy does to your back is greatness. I started coming to see Dr. Langford for a real bad low back pain to the point I couldn’t sleep in my bed I had to slowly I mean SLOWLY lower myself to the floor and lay on my back as flat as possible for the smallest amount of relief then after two visits I was back to slamming others on their backs. That’s not all Dr. Langford has a technique where he can fix out of place noses this guy is a freakin MacGyver and get me started with all the gadgets he has for body tune-ups from laser healing to reciprocating massager thing but with all seriousness Dr. Langford has some magic in his hands."

Kevin Dunsmoor, Desert Rage Champion, 125 Division

Rosa Lazcano

"I like to consider myself as someone who has always taken pride in staying healthy, going to the gym 3-4 times a week, practicing yoga running and eating healthy. Until a few years ago when I found my life spinning out of control after going through a recent divorce. This was a very difficult time for me and I was experiencing a lot of stress and making a lot of unhealthy choices. These bad choices eventually ended up affecting my overall health. I had a friend who told me about Dr. Langford and how he had helped her family, it was then that I decided to take a step and turn my life around. I started taking care of myself, learned a little about the importance of chiropractic care and how it affects the dynamics of our bodies, proper posture and the importance of high quality supplements. Needless to say I never thought I would feel this great again and I know that I will never be able to cross my legs again without remembering Langford’s words “Don’t cross your legs it’s bad for your spine.”

Lynette Cubas

I have been seeing chiropractors for over 6 years now. I have been trying to have a baby for 4 years, I’ve have tried numerous things to conceive I’m really against all that medical stuff so I decided I would just wait till my time came to become a mom. I’ve worked for chiropractors for over 7 years and I have learned so much. Once I started working for Dr. Langford I read on how chiropractic can work to get pregnant. I didn’t tell Dr. Langford I was trying to get pregnant because I wanted to see if it would happen without me mentioning it to him. I started working for him January 2010 and by February 2010 I was pregnant. I was so amazed and for the third time chiropractic has proved to me it works and of course with all the help of chiropractors! Now I am 8 months pregnant, it’s getting closer to the end and sleeping has been the worst for the past days until I mentioned to Dr. Langford how I’m getting up every hour to go to the restroom.

He adjusted my pelvis which was out and that night I only woke up once to go to the restroom!! Also one weekend I started having really bad stomach pains and I freaked out the pains were so bad that it got to the point that I couldn’t even walk to go to the bathroom or sit or lay down, so my husband decided to take me to the emergency room and when I got there I was crying in so much pain. The nurses came in and ran all these test then I got to see the Doctor and they couldn’t find anything wrong so after being there for 4 hours the pain slowly started going away and I decided to tell them I wanted to go home. The next morning the pain started again it was on and off that whole day finally Sunday morning I decided to call Dr Langford and ask him if he could please adjust me, so he met me in the office a couple of hours later and right before I got there the pain started again, I got to the office and thankfully he was already there he checked me and adjusted me and wow that pain was completely gone! Apparently my rib was out and that was causing me all that pain. Dr. Langford not only has he helped me in so many ways with his work he has also taught me a lot while going through this pregnancy.

Randall J. Woodend

"I first meet Dr. Langford when I was doing my internship at his office. Dr. Langford notice that I was having posture problems and flexibility. So I started to seek treatment from Dr. Langford." After exam and x-rays he told me about my problems and started the treatment plan.

After about a week I noticed a big change in my sleeping and energy level. I felt like a whole new person. After about 4 months of seeing Dr. Langford I feel even better I sleep Better and have more energy through out the day. I highly recommend you come see Dr. Langford. He’s changed my life and made me a whole new person."

Lucia Chavez

My Chiropractic experience with Dr. Langford has been unique in all its different phases. In my 45 years of chiropractic treatment, I've never had such a thorough evaluation that included clear, understandable explanations of my condition, time frame for treatment and expectations as well as commitment to treatment on my part.

Dr. Langford covered the reality of what medical insurance would likely not cover. As of two years ago, patient’s visits to chiropractors have been reduced to a maximum of 5 visits, regardless of coverage. Doctors have very creative in order to stay in business.

Since I am retired, I was able to commit to the intensive treatment prescribed by Dr. Langford. I also had to deal with the reality that my insurance would likely not cover the three months estimated treatment recommended by Dr. Langford. Without my health; I could not function. The insurance approved seven sessions and the nest was up to me. I did not have the energy or desire to fight a system that is not open for negotiation.

The symptoms that brought me to chiropractic treatment were excruciating back/neck pain and balance problems that were interfering with everything I did. These symptoms started from a horrific fall I had toward the end April 2010 while visiting my daughter. I injured my head, neck/back with bruises all over my body.

The fall occurred one week prior to a scheduled vacation to Hawaii. To ensure that I was able to travel, I made an appointment with urgent care at Kaiser. I was evaluated and given x-rays of visible injuries mainly hands, knees, feet. There were no broken bones but numerous bruises and a huge bump on my right knee. The medical doctor gave me instructions on icing and staying off my feet and the okay to travel.

On mother’s day in Hawaii, I became dizzy and off balance and followed up with Kaiser the following day. I was examined and assured I was doing all the right things (icing, taking antivert for dizziness and resting as much as possible). The medical doctor advised me to follow up with Kaiser upon my return to San Diego which I did mainly for documentation for possible Chiropractic care. My last Chiropractor moved two years ago.

In my years of Chiropractic treatment, I have learned that if the nerves are impinged upon the vertebrae or spinal bones it can affect your whole system. In every day life we tug the body which puts it out of alignment; in my case it was a traumatic fall that bruised and twisted my whole body, specially neck and back. I was adamant that all of these parts be restored to health by restoring the normal nerve function. I realized that only a chiropractor could do this!

I truly believe that fate put me on the right path when I ended up in Dr. Langford’s office. I had these referrals. The first call did not answer (on a Friday) The second call did not take new patients. The Langford clinic (third call) gave me an appointment for 20 minutes after my call. I was at the clinic in about 10-15 minutes as it is close to my house. The professionalism, respect and sensitivity of the staff is recommendable.

Dr. Langford’s holistic approach, 26 years of experience (at that time) consistent educational updates, understanding of the Latino culture, language and family dynamics; specially respectful of the elderly allows for ease in communication and manipulation/adjustment of both males and females.

As a 74 year old Latina, I have never felt more at ease with a doctor. Dr. Langford is straight forward, frank, honest and aware of his boundaries which is much appreciated. He is comfortable with himself and will not recommend anything that he himself has not experienced.

In the three months of treatment with Dr.Langford, I have followed his treatment with diligence because of my desire to get well and return to my normal functioning. The treatment has been intensive, varied including supplements, various exercises including deep breathing and spinal health, nutrition classes. I have been restored to great physical, emotional and spiritual health and learned to better care for my total health. My energy, stamina and movement has improved 100%.

At this stage of my life, people experience constant losses and sometimes traumas relating to aging and health that makes it extremely important to move on, be active and be thinking in perspective and not get bogged down. I highly recommend Chiropractic care to maintain a healthy body and movement.

Spanish Testimonial

Mi experiencia con el Dr. Langford a sido especial y único en todo los diferentes fases y aspectos. En mis 45 años de tratamiento quiropráctico que empezó con problemas de balance, nunca e tenido un examen tan complete como lo que recibí con el Dr. Langford. El trato de una explicación tan clara, comprensible a mi condición con duración de tratamiento y lo que esperaría durante este tiempo de tratamiento. Yo por mi parte cometí mi tiempo, participación y cooperación al tratamiento durante los 3 o más meses.  

Dr. Langford fue muy claro con la realidad del estado de los seguros médicos de hoy en día y lo que posiblemente no pagarían mi tratamiento. Desde dos años pasados, el seguro medico ha reducido las visitas para quiropráctico no más de 5 visitas. Los médicos han sido más creativos en sus negocios para seguir adelante.

Fue difícil aceptar que mi seguro medico no iba a cubrir más de cinco visitas quiroprácticas; pero tuve que aceptar la realidad porque lo que el Dr. Langford recomendaba fue 3 meses o más de tratamiento intensivo por mi caso. Cuando uno esta muy enfermo, no tiene la energía para pelear no defenderse de un sistema que no deja negociar.

Los síntomas que estaba sintiendo antes de mi tratamiento quiropráctico fue dolor insoportable en el cuello y mi espalda extremadamente doloroso incluyendo problemas de balance que no me dejaban funcionar y estaba como discapacitada. Estos dolores empezaron después de una caída muy fuerte el ultimo de abril de 2010 cuando esta visitando a mi hija.

Me lastime la cabeza, cuello y espalda con moretones en todo mi cuerpo. Esta caída ocurrió una semana antes de un viaje a Hawaii. Para asegurar que estaba suficientemente saludable para viajar, hice una cita con el departamento de urgencias en Kaiser. Me recibieron y tomaron radiografiás de mis manos, rodillas, y pies. Resulto que tenia múltiple de moretones especialmente en mi rodilla derecha. El medico me dio instrucciones para recuperación y cuidado durante la semana de viaje.

El día de las madres en Hawaii estuve enferma con ataques de vértigo. Mi amiga me dio pastillas que me calmaban. El siguiente día fui ala clínica de Kaiser departamento de urgencia de nuevo y me revisaron y aseguraron que estaba bien y me sugirieron unas pastillas para vértigo y tratar de descansar lo mas que pudiera. El medico recomendó que el retorno a San Diego hablara con mi medico para hacer una cita. Y eso lo hice al retorno a San Diego porque necesitaba documentos y autorización por si acaso necesitaba tratamiento quiropráctico. Ya que mi ultimo quiropráctico se mudo de San Diego dos anos antes.  

En mis anos de tratamiento quiropráctico, he aprendido que cuando los nervios están comprimidos contra la espina dorsal esto afecta el sistema nervioso del cuerpo. En la vida normal de cada día la espina dorsal se gira, se golpea y esto pone los vértebras fuera de lugar. En mi caso, fue una caída traumatizaste que me golpeo todo el cuerpo y me giro los huesos de la espina dorsal afectando los nervios de todo el sistema.

Yo estaba segura que estos nervios tenían que funcionar normal otra vez y nomas el doctor de quiropráctico tenia la educación para este trabajo.

Yo creo que fue una buena suerte que me puso en el camino de la oficina del doctor Langford. Tuve tres referencias para quiroprácticos, la primera no respondió (era viernes), La segunda no aceptaban pacientes nuevos, la la tercera me dio cita para veinte minutos que fue la clínica del doctor Langford. Mi casa esta como 10-15 minutos de la clínica y era muy conveniente. La clínica tiene trabajadores profesionales, respetuosos, sencillos y atentos.  

Dr. Langford y su tratamiento atiende las personas en total con más de 30 años de experiencia, educación constante, conocimiento de la cultura Latina, idioma y respetuoso con los ancianos se facilita la comunicación y ajustamiento de los hombres y mujeres.

Yo soy latina de 74 años, nunca he sentido tan tranquila con un Doctor como Dr. Langford. El doctor es franco, honesto y te dice lo que resulta de su examen con comparación. En los tres meses de tratamiento yo cumplí con el tratamiento al pie de la letra porque quise recuperarme completamente. El tratamiento fue intensivo, variado, con ejercicios, suplementos nutritivos y clases de salud de la espina dorsal y nutrición.

Yo he progresado en mi salud con energía y fuerza vital que también ha elevado mi estado emocional y bien estar. En este punto de mi vida, ay muchos cambios y traumas relacionados con envejecimiento y salud, es muy importante seguir con la vida en tranquilidad con un paso adelante del otro.

Recomiendo altamente el cuidado quiropráctico para mantener un cuerpo y movimiento sano.

Mr. Jaime Arroyo Sanchez

I stuck a nail on the sole of my right foot and it became infected since I am a diabetic. I had two surgeries and after the surgeries I was taking therapy in the hyperbaric chamber of oxygenation. All this happened in 2016. At the end of the year 2017, I only had a small wound but this wound was always open. The wound was open for 6 months, creams were applied and the wound did not close. Dr. Stan Langford prescribed me some medications and after three weeks of taking them the wound closed completely. It's been three months and the wound is still closed.

Spanish Testimonial 

Me clave una tachuela en la planta del pie derecho y se infecto ya que soy diabetico. Me hicieron dos cirugias y despues de las cirujias estuve tomando terapia en la camara hiperbarica de oxigenacion. Todo esto paso en el año 2016. Al final del año 2017 ya solo tenia una pequeña herida pero esta herida estaba siempre abierta. La herida estubo abierta por 6 meses, se le aplicaban cremas y la herida no cerraba. El Dr. Stan Langford me receto unos medicamentos y en tres semanas de estarlos tomando la herida cerro completamente. Ya han pasado tres meses y la herida sigue cerrada.

Herman Hicks

Photo of Herman Hicks

Doctor Testimonials

Liz Carmouche

Liz Carmouche, rated #2 in the world in the 135 Division

Bill Metzger

Bill Metzger, MMAX Superfight Champion

Michael De La Torre

Michael De La Torre, MMAX Lightweight Champion

Benny and Family

To whom it may concern,

Dr. Langford has been treating my son Benny since 2018. My son is a micro-preemie and was only 1 lb 4 ounces when he was born. He has undergone multiple surgeries to date and had multiple fractures while in the Neonatal Intensive Care unit. He also wears foot orthosis braces on his legs/feet. Benny has special needs and we are blessed because he is seen by a multitude of excellent specialist and therapist. He has been poked and prodded since birth and has an aversion to even the simplest check ups yet he completely trusts Dr. Langford. I am always so amazed that my son simply lies down on the adjustment table and allows Dr. Langford to adjust him because we usually have to hold on to my son for checkups etc. My son's trust in Dr. Langford speaks volumes. Dr. Langford is direct in his speech but he has a kind heart and really cares for his patients. he is also skilled and very knowledgeable as he picked up on some of my sons conditions before I could even inform him about them. His Chiropractic assistant Yalitza Lopez is also very kind and helpful. We have seen so much improvement with my son and it's because of the wonderful team of caring people that we are blessed to have working with Benny, this definitely includes Dr. Langford. Thank you Dr. Langford and Yalitza we appreciate everything you've done.

The Perea Family


Dr. Langford

Langford Chiropractic

For over 30 years, Dr. Stanmore G. Langford III has treated chiropractic patients in the South San Diego area. He speaks both English and Spanish, and his professional licenses include:

  • Diplomat – National Board of Chiropractic
  • State of Arizona Chiropractic Physician’s License
  • California State Board of Chiropractic Examiners

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